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Policy for Ukrainian members and ST trainees

29 Apr 2022 12:13 AM | Leonardo Mendes Wainer (Administrator)

  • Due to the special circumstances in Ukraine and the unrequired brutal war and genocide led by Russian Federation against the Ukrainian people, ISST EB adopted special measures and recommendations for our Ukrainian members and Ukrainians who are currently undergoing ST training or supervision.


  • 1.     We recommend all ST certified Trainers and Supervisors to offer free training, supervision, therapy, and rating for Ukrainian therapists. ISST will create a database that will contain all the names of people offering these free services and we will ask all our members who would like to be named in this database to send and e-mail to enroll at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TlJpFParsqrqTG59KoqfpzLWZuwMHt3Svn8aSWngryY/edit?usp=sharing

  • 2.     Starting March 1st, 2022, all Ukrainian therapists who would like to become members of ISST will be exempted from paying memberships fee for an undetermined period of time.

  • 3.     The certification process for Ukrainian therapists will be exceptional and individual exceptions can be granted by request to the Certification coordinator. Mainly, exceptions can be made regarding the rating process, in the sense that therapists who cannot submit video recordings will be able to submit audio-recordings or role-plays for their certification rating. Also, the speed of the certification process can be discussed to be modified upon request.

  • 4.     All Ukrainian therapists that want to join the ISST Conference in 2022 in Copenhagen can do that for free, either live or virtual. If Ukrainian therapists desire and can travel in person to Copenhagen, ISST can facilitate sponsorship for the other expenses with the help of the other members, who generously offer to do so. We can help with posting the number of such requests and individually facilitating people to discuss privately to arrange this kind of help. The Certification Coordinator can be contacted in this regard and will coordinate this process.

E-mail of Certification Coordinator: certification.coordinator@isst-schemasociety.org

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